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Commercial & Corporate

We are glad to offer our expertise in different commercial matters including the following:

• Purchase and sale of business including franchises

• Drafting commercial agreements

• The Corporations Act

• Corporate governance related

Foreign Investment

Assist and advise foreign investors and Australian Temporary residents in applying for the Foreign Investment Review Board’s approval to purchase real estate in Australia.


Often leases are for a long period of time.  Therefore, it is more important to have a lease properly reviewed before entering into the lease or taking a transfer of lease.  

Whether you are a lessee or a lessor, D Y & Co Lawyers can assist you in relation to retail and commercial leases, including the following aspects:

• Drafting and reviewing retail and commercial leases

• Negotiate lease terms (e.g. option terms, durations and other aspects)

• Transfer of Leases or sublease

• Surrender of lease

• Mortgagee’s consent for leases

Powers of Attorney

If you may be unable to sign documents or if you are considering to having other people to manage affairs on your behalf, a Power of Attorney would be a useful document to consider.  There are different types of Powers of Attorney and some can come into effect immediately and others can come into effect at a future time (such as the onset of mental incapacity).  There are also specific requirements when entering into a power of attorney document.  

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the potential of preparing such document.  

Property Law

Buying or selling a residential or commercial property can always be very important events for any people, financially and otherwise.  We offer over many years of experience with property law in Melbourne and have represented both buyers and sellers of property for all legal matters.  Disputes in this area can be not only costly but also can be distressing emotionally whilst people normally would have made plans going forward (e.g. married couple’s family house for new born). When possible, we aim to minimise issues at the start of transactions rather than having things to “crash settle”.  

We also like to paint a realistic picture of what can happen as to certain things that may not go as planned.  From our experience, we find that being honest and frank to our client will be appreciated in most circumstance rather than promising things that we cannot deliver.   

For vendors, we are able to:

• Preparing Section 32 and Contract of Sale

• Negotiate with particular purchases for any particular terms and conditions

• In particular, our principal lawyer brings years of experience in negotiating terms and facilitating sales for high-end high value project types of Contracts

A fairly large proportion of our clients is developers.  For developer clients, we are able to:

• Help with the legal requirements for subdivisions and property developments

• discuss with you for any tailored off the plan contracts that would suit your particular project 

• Liaising with your lenders and facilitate settlement

For purchaser clients, our services include the following:

• Information about the costs involved (including stamp duty)

• Pre-contract advice for your Contract for Sale before you sign, including vacant land, units, strata and community title, rural land and purchases ‘off the plan’

• Advice in regard to the ‘cooling off period’

• Answer any specific queries in relation to issues involved in purchasing property in Australia.

• Advice for meeting lender requirements

• Arrange title searches and land enquiries

We have Accredited Specialists in Family & Immigration Law.

Immigration Law

We are now starting to offer assistance with the following matters of immigration law.  Please note that services in this area is strictly via appointment only.  


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